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2015 Ford Everest Redesign

 The 2015 Ford Everest SUV, although recently shown just as a concept, will trample the road by the end of this year. This seven-seat SUV comes quite changed, on the same platform as the 2015 Ford Ranger, redesigned inside and out and much more efficient. Beside platform, the...
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2015 Ford F-150 All New Truck

 This year’s Detroit Auto Show was in fact one-car show! It was a 2015 Ford F-150 show! Ford took even four years to make this incredible pickup truck. But finally, it was worth waiting. The Ford F-150 was the best selling car in the United States, and now...
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2015 Ford Edge Redesign

 The Ford Edge is one of the best selling mid-size, two-row crossovers. Since being introduced for 2007, the Edge has becoming more and more popular, and during the previous years it did not have major changes. Because of that the overall redesign was an ″mission impossible″, for Ford’s...
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2015 Ford Explorer Safety Comes First

Motorcycle Details
 The next 2015 Ford Explorer will be quite similar to a current 2014 Explorer. This SUV suffered a major changes last year. It had been redesigned as well as restyled. But as for the new 2015 Ford Explorer, it will come with minor changes, but significantly refreshed.This especially...
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2015 Ford Escape Changes

 The new 2015 Ford Escape comes with a few changes compared to current version. It may be said that it is just refreshed, and that major changes were postponed for some another year. This Ford`s compact crossover will keep the same size as the current 2014 Ford Escape,...
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2015 Ford F-150 Atlas Concept

  There are a lot of types of full-size pickups, but for many years, one of them is unbeatable. The Ford F-150! Undisputed in the last 36 years when it comes to full-size pickups sales in the U.S. On the presentation of its new Transit commercial vans at...
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