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According to the latest reports, the Lexus LF-LC Concept will very soon get the production version. It will come as the third generation SC that was discontinued in 2010. The amazing coupe will most likely arrive sometime in 2016, so we expect to see the all-new 2017 Lexus SC.

2017 Lexus SC

Pictures: LF-LC Concept

2017 Lexus SC: Impressive Exterior Design

At this point we have just the rumors about it, but if you believe in those rumors, you can expect an outstanding coupe that will adopt almost the same exterior styling from the dramatic LF-LC concept. If this happens, then the 2017 Lexus SC should become Toyota’s true flagship model and one of the best coupes on the market.

The 2017 SC won’t have just the astonishing exterior design, but it will also feature some imposing characteristics. In addition to the aggressive layout, this coupe will also get carbon-fiber and aluminum construction, which will make it ultra-light and performance-oriented. Muscular and dynamic design will be enriched with number of stunning details like a spindle grille, futuristic, sharp headlights styling and dominated bulging hood.

2017 Lexus SC

2017 Lexus SC: Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Powerrain will Produce Over 500 HP

This wind-breaking coupe will come as a gasoline-electric hybrid with rear-wheel-drive configuration. We have no the details about it, but the rumors suggest that the 2017 Lexus SC could easily come with more than 500 horsepower and paired with 10-speed automatic transmission. If you ask us, the most the probable powertrain option of this true sports car must be a new generation atkinson-cycle combustion engine mated to a battery pack, while it should ride on revised Lexus GS’ platform.

2017 Lexus SC

Next Genration Lexus SC: Price and Arrival

As we already said, the all-new 2017 Lexus SC could make its debut sometime in 2016, and the price should be below $200,000. Of course, this is our estimate, but since it will hit the highest coupe category, don’t expect that the price can be lower than this.

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